Focusing on the details, being brave to transcend - Hummer C7

发布日期:2019-05-13 10:11
On May 8th, "Hummer C7", Hummer's first high-performance Bitcoin miner, officially landed on the official website for pre-sale, with its comprehensive performance reachingthe first-line miner’s technology level in this industry. Let’s look at the miner performance in detail.

Basic parameters of C7
Chip technology: 10nm
Maximum Hashrate: 37T (-5%~5%)
Reference power on wall, Watt:1961(0~15%)
Miner Size (Length*Width*Height)(mm):465 * 127.6 * 197.6
All-in-oneminer design with power supply
Operating temperature: 0-40 °C

Shape of C7

C7 adoptsall-in-oneminer design and the power supply is fixed directly above the miner. The structure is stable and the shape is simple, so space is saved. In addition, Hummer C7 uses a new high power supply to effectively ensure the stability of the operation of the miner, and the rear end of the miner is a honeycomb net for heat dissipation.
Working temperature: 0°C-40°C
Working humidity: 10% RH-90% RH, non-condensing
Network connection: Ethernet

Core positioning
First,leadingcomprehensive performance 
In recent years, since the miner chip has been continuously improved in terms of circuit structure and low-power technology, the requirements for system stability and comprehensive performance are increasingly growing. Hummer miner C7 adopts self-developed 10nm chip, and has many core technology patents in heat dissipation and algorithm. Compared with existing miners, Hummer miner C7 has higher integration degree and betterheat dissipation effect.

Second, ultra-low power consumption
Hummer has a technical team consisting of first-class chip research and development experts and embedded software and hardware technology experts at home and abroad. It has experience in software and hardware R&D and production process control. With the core indicators achieved, the performance of the miner is optimal andthe energy consumption ratio is as low as 53W/T.

Third, super high hashrate
The Hummer server product launched on the basis of Hummer C7 is an integrated solution for capacity expansion of mine hashrate. The server is almost equivalent to 3 minersworking at the same time, achieving 3 times more super high hashrate. It hasa three-dimensionalappearance and is detachable and efficient, helping the mine to achieve a large capacity expansion of hashrate, so that space creates more value.

Fourth, high-quality service
The Hummer team has been researching the semiconductor and smart chip industry for many years, and has optimized the miner in details in many aspects. Hummer selects the world's leading electronics manufacturing service providers and partners, which leads to combined strength, quality assurance and lower cost.

The Hummerminer was invested by Mr. Chen Weixing, a famous investor and the founder of Fancheng Capital.It took the team of first-class technical experts in the industry 7 months to develop it. The first minerhas already reached the level of top miners. The release of this product is an important measure for Chen Weixing to realize the “creation of infrastructure of encrypted digital economy”.

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