Hummer H7 is coming!

发布日期:2019-06-27 15:56
June 22 is a good day for double happiness. Bitcoin has set a new high for the year and has returned to more than 10,000 US dollars. It is a good news for the big currency in the currency circle. Since the Spring Festival, it has achieved nearly three times the increase. Another good news is that -
Hummer  Miner  re-created the classic.The new all-in-one Hummer H7 is on sale! !

HummerH7 Real-time hashrate is 31TH / S,power efficiency is 64W / TH. As a new member of the Hummer family, the Hummer H7 is designed with a dual-tube fan. It has a simple shape and is easy to use, and it will push the heat and high performance to the extreme. Hummer H7 was officially unveiled at 2pm today at the Hummerofficial website.

Humme rH7  Basic Parameters

At present, high performance and high hashrate miners are still the focus of the market. With the rise in the price of BTC, the elimination of old miners, and the multiple factors of the flood season, high-performance, high-hashrateminer are still hard to find! Hummer H7, adhering to the classic spirit of re-creation, based on the advantages of existing miners, the new upgrade of circuit structure and heat sink, suitable for large-scale deployment, performance and functional design further improved.

Product Highlights

In terms of design, HummerH7 deploys the latest overall cooling system. The Hummer series officially adopts a double-tube fan design, the wind speed of the miner is shortened by half. The temperature difference between the inlet and outlet of the mining machine tends to be balanced, and the machine performance is greatly improved.

The integrated design of the power supply and the fuselage simplifies the use process, and can be mined on the shelves, greatly reducing the operation and maintenance costs.With a new fuselage structure design, the fuselage is equipped with protective devices to make the operation safer.

In terms of stability and safety, the high-temperature frequency reduction mechanism of the miner firmware ensures that the protection mechanism of the miner in the high temperature environment is effective.Automatic high temperature detection and fan abnormal protection to ensure safe operation and high stability

Hummer H7 per unit / day gross income of 77.33 yuan, each mining machine daily electricity bill is only 11.9 yuan (0.25 yuan / kWh). After deducting electricity costs, the daily net profit is as high as 65.45 yuan.Currently accepting reservations, the miner will begin delivery in late September.HummerH7 will arrange delivery according to the order of orders, and large-volume customers enjoy more discounts. Contact us now and lock your exclusiveHummer H7!