Hummer index: the new standard of miner chip industry

发布日期:2019-11-28 11:38
1First release of Hummer index, contributing to new industry standards

On October 27, at the Hummer miner press conference, Li Bo, the co-founder and CTO of Hummer miner, gave a technical speech with the theme of original intention and mission, and released the Hummer index for the first time, which contributed new evaluation standards for the miner chip industry and attracted people's attention. As a new specification for the contribution of Hummer miner to the hashrate world, how does the Hummer index come into being and what industry pain points have been solved? Let's have a deeper understanding through this article.

At present, the energy efficiency ratio index is the focus of every miner competing. However, a more beautiful figure of energy efficiency ratio has become a flower in the water mirror, which is beyond our reach, but we can't deliver the goods when we place the order. In view of the doubts of the miners, the reason behind this is revealed on the spot: in the formula of energy efficiency ratio, the power consumption on the wall of the miner is directly proportional to the square of the working voltage of the hash core, the calculation force of the miner is directly proportional to the working frequency, and the working frequency is directly proportional to the working voltage. Therefore, the energy efficiency ratio will eventually be directly proportional to the voltage.

That is to say, for the same mining machine chip, when the working voltage is properly reduced, the energy efficiency ratio can be effectively reduced; at the same time, the working frequency and qualification rate of wafer will also be reduced, the mining machine cost will be increased, and the output will be limited.

In order to reflect the comprehensive performance of miner chip more objectively, Li Bo creatively proposed a new industry standard, Hummer index, based on the three principles of simple, scientific and sense.

From the formula point of view, the Hummer index does not decrease with the decrease of voltage as the energy efficiency index does. In order to better understand the meaning of Hummer index,Li Bo introduces the concept of PCEC(Product of chip and electricity cost),PCEC and investment recovery cycle have positive correlation:
PCEC & Hummer index
=Total cost of miner chip × Hourly electricity cost
= Hummer index × Miner hashrate² ×Price per wafer ×Electricity fees
Therefore, the lower the Hummer index of miner chip, the shorter the investment return cycle of miner chip.

At the same time, in the design of mining machine chip, energy efficiency ratio, working frequency, chip area of each hash core, wafer yield and other factors need to be considered. These factors restrict each other and need to be chosen by compromise. The hummingbird index provides a comprehensive model innovatively, which can not only reflect the comprehensive performance and return period of investment of mining machine chip succinctly and intuitively, but also become a powerful tool to help investors make scientific decisions, and will point out a new direction for the design optimization strategy of mining machine chip.

According to the statistical research on the test data of the market mainstream models provided by the third-party miners, it is found that the hummingbird index has a gradual downward trend with the progress of the process nodes (Figure 1); the relationship between the hummingbird index and the energy efficiency ratio is not simple linear (Figure 2), that is, the lowest energy efficiency ratio does not mean the lowest hummingbird index. At the same time, as shown in figures 3 and 4, the operating mode with the lowest energy efficiency ratio has the highest hummingbird index.

Fig. 1 Hummer index decreases with the progress of process nodes

Fig. 2 Hummer index and energy efficiency ratio are not linear

Fig. 3 Hummer index of the same miner in different working modes

Fig. 4 Hummer index of the same miner in different working modes

Our next-generation chip H9 has better performance in single chip computing power, energy efficiency ratio, humer index and stability. The important technical parameters are as follows:
1.High Hash Power:Hashrate>320 GH/s
2.Power Efficient:Energy consumption ratio < 45 W/T
3.Energy and Cost Efficient:Hi < 60 mW/T2
4.Stable and Reliable:EFT > 3000V

2. In order to achieve ultimate stability, what core technologies have been broken through in combination with the top ten pain points of the industry?
(I) Pain points of communication system
1. Missing boards
2. Wear caused by handling

Core Technologie:
1.Resistance Adaptive Discovery
2.Nonce FIQ Reporting
3.Nonce Error Correction Algorithm
4.New Task Real-time Renewing
5.Lossless Recovery for Communication Link Failure

Fig.5 miner communication system

(II) pain point of power system
3. Hashrate loss
4. No power output
5. Explosion damage of power supply equipment

Core technology: 12KW digital intelligent power supply
1. Loop compensation technology based on DSP + algorithm
2. Load adaptive dynamic regulation technology
3. Self diagnosis and recovery technology
4. Remote monitoring and upgrading technology

Fig.6 traditional analog power supply

Fig.7 Hummer intelligent digital power supply

(III) pain points of cooling system
6. Fan stalls or stalls
7. Over temperature protection
Core technology: heat dissipation technology of Hummer VC uniform temperature plate
1. The temperature difference of calculation plate level is less than 2 ℃, and the system is more stable.
2. Higher single chip computing power and lower system cost


Fig. 8 heat dissipation principle of VC uniform temperature plate


Fig.9 fan simulation particle flow

(IV) pain points of maintenance system
8. Serious aging and short service life
9. High repair cost
Core technology: remote diagnosis and repairsystem

Fig. 10 Hummer miner remote diagnosis system

Fig. 11 hummerminer remote repair system

At this press conference, hummerminer put forward the target of future repair rate (running for 6 months): no more than 1 ‰! As a quasi industrial product, this goal once again sets a new benchmark for the industry. Combined with the above analysis, the intelligent digital power supply, remote diagnosis and repair system and strict quality control developed exclusively by hummerminer will provide the most solid guarantee for the realization of the repair rate target.

(V) pain points of safety system
10. Hacker attack
Core technology: Anti hacker attack technology
Non execution buffer technology
Array and buffer boundary checking technology
Program pointer integrity check technology

Li Bo said at the conference that the application of the above core technologies will guarantee the realization of the ultimate stability of hummerminer, and set a new benchmark for the miner industry with the pursuit of the ultimate innovation spirit and better product experience.