Possible reduction by half of Bitcoin production in the market and the observation on the miner market

发布日期:2019-05-13 10:15
After May, the conditions in Bitcoin market have improved, with its value up by 50% since the beginning of 2019, which seems to confirm that the possible reduction by half of Bitcoin production in the market is coming, as spread in the circle: In May 2020, the Bitcoin network will expect the third reduction by half of its production in history. Since the market is getting better and the flood season is coming, the double advantages’ stimulus has driven a wave of miner sales again. However, looking at the miner market, we can see that a new miner era is approaching.

As the infrastructure of the blockchain industry, it is highly competitive in the mining industry. As a technology-driven product, the miner has strong technical barriers in terms of its parameters and performance. BITMAINhas been dominant in this market relying on its S9 miner developed in 2016 for a long time, but this situation has changed.

On the one hand, since the second half of 2018, the Bitcoin miner market has experienced two intense iterative competitions. The power consumption ratio of mainstream miners changed from 100W/T to 70W/T in the second half of 2018, and to the current 55W/T.

On the other hand, it is becoming the norm for new miner manufacturers to choose leapfrog development when developing a new generation of miners. On May 8, the biggest surprise, hummer miner, came out. The Bitcoin miner Hummer C7 invested by the founder of Fancheng Capital, Chen Weixing, has the hashrate of 37T of a single miner, and its power consumption ratio is 53W/T. The first minerhas already reached the level of top miners. It is reported that it took the team of first-class technical experts in the industry 7 months to develop Hummer C7and now it’s availablefor pre-sale.The release of this product is an important measure for Chen Weixing to realize the “creation of infrastructure of encrypted digital economy”.

According to the public information, the comprehensive performance of Hummerminer is leading in the market, with core advantages of high hashrate, low power consumption and strong heat dissipation. The Hummer server product launched on the basis of Hummer C7 is an integrated solution for capacity expansion of mine hashrate. The server is almost equivalent to 3 miners working at the same time, achieving 3 times more super high hashrate.

 The hashrate is the law. In the Bitcoin network, hashrate plays an extremely important role, and there are competitions as long as there are interests. As a senior miner in the currency circle said: In this decentralized world, no company can be a dominant one for a long time. With the participation of major capitalists, the competition in the miner market will further intensify.